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Dear Players, Coaches, and Parents,

Here we go again!

Welcome to all new players and coaches and welcome back to all of you returning!

First, thank you to all players and coaches who continue to make this League a summertime success.  The UHL Team loves the sport as much as you do- the skill, the speed, the tenacity, the friendships.....all on 1/8" blades of steel.... 


The intention of this League is to keep players in game-ready condition over the summer with some fun added in.  This is a NO CHECK LEAGUE  which will be strongly enforced.  There is no reason to knock someone's block off and no reason for cheap checks.  With that being said, there is a STRICT NO FIGHTING rule resulting in expulsion from the League with no refund given.

If you are already part of a team, please download the application, filled it out, have a parent/guardian sign, and give it to your coach.  ALL  PLAYERS NEED TO BE USA REGISTERED.

If you are a coach and are interested in putting a team in, please send us a message below or email and we will contact you.


If you are a player who is looking to join a team, please send us a message in the box below or email and we will get back to you.  We will work with you to get you on a team.

Please look around our site! As usual, we are super excited to see you on the ice.

"LET'S GO!!!"........     ~ UHL Team                





-Minor: 2 Minutes
-Double Minor: 4 Minutes
-Major: 5 Minutes
-Misconduct: 10 Minutes
-Game Misconduct: Removal of that player for only the current game
-Game Disqualification: Removal of that player for the current game plus a minimum of one     additional game
-All Game Disqualifications will be reviewed and or discussed with the RIC and League Personnel
-Additional games may be added or dismissal from the league all together may result in any   "Game Disqualification".

-Hitting after the whistle will not be tolerated.

-Officials have been instructed that whenever possible the instigator of such instances shall be   penalized accordingly 

-4 Penalties occurring during a game - Game Misconduct (Current game)

-5 Penalties occurring during a game - Game Disqualification (Current game and next game)

-At any time the game reaches 15 Penalties - Running time will begin until the conclusion of the   game.

-Game Misconducts and Game Disqualifications are listed as separate penalties when other timed   penalties occur.
-Running time in the 3rd period with a goal differential of 6 (Score must close to within 4 in order   to terminate Running Time)
-No Over Time, No Shootouts - A Tie is A Tie
-Hybrid Icing shall be in place for this year’s season



- Players must play in at least 7 regular season games in order to qualify to participate in the playoffs

- The last 3 weekends will be used for playoffs. It will be a round robin format. The team with the         best record will be awarded champion.
- The following tie breakers will be used in the event of a tie at the conclusion of the round robin           playoffs

1) Head to head

2) Goal differential

3) Least goals against

4) Fewest penalties in minutes

Additional Points of Emphasis:
Flagrant / Violent Penalties will not be tolerated and officials have been instructed to issue, at a minimum, a Game Misconduct for any sort of dirty / cheap shot when observed.
While the game can be physical, there is no room for Violent, Flagrant penalties . . . The purpose of the league is to provide an opportunity for players to stay in shape, develop skills and most importantly have fun and enjoy the game of Ice Hockey as it was meant to be played. 
All decisions during game play by the On or Off Ice Officials are final.


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